What if the training dates don't work with my schedule?

With out flexible class scheduling, you can text date requests for consideration that meets your scheduling needs Classes do not have to be consectutive days and can be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Text to 281-795-0130

Are there any class discount offers or financing?  Yes and Yes

Current special pricing is posted for each class. Register with a freind and both of you receive an additional 10% tuition discount. 2 friends 15% and 3 friends 20%. Add another 5% if registering for 10 or 13 day classes. 5% tution discount for cash payments Cash and discount arrangements must be made through RX Beauty Inks directly by texting 281-795-0130 FINANCING You can REGISTER ONLINE for No intrest financing for 6 months by selecting PayPal Credit during the check out process. Approval is based on your personal credit score. We are not affiliated with PayPal, PayPal Credit or the approval process.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites?   No!

We will be teaching you from beginning to and and offer ongoing support to ensure your success.

What's included? Professional and Machine Kits

PROFESSIONAL KIT All permanent makeup and 3D Areola courses come with a professional kit ~ high quality name brand inks/pigments ~ measuring tools ~ marking pens and/or penicils ~ specialty items to perform services ~ client consents ~ health history documents ~ client afterecare ~ step by step manual for each procedure ~ and so much more... MACHNIE KITS 1 SAMPLE DAY, 3, 5 AND 6 DAY COURSES: Sample Kit ~ basic pen machine ~ basic power supply ~ light duty foot pedal ~ 12 silicone ink cups ~ 20 assorted sample cartidge needles. VALUE $395 7 AND 10 DAY COURSES: Professional Machine Kit ~ professional quality, high power LACEnano brushless rotary machine ~ Oblelisk adapter ~ power supply ~ clip cord ~ 100 assorted needles ~ needle loupe ~ tubes ~ mini mixer with 20 sticks ~ foot pedal ~ 100 silicone ink cups ~ bands and grommets. Value $1795 13 DAY COURSE: Professional Deluxe Dual Machine Kit ~ Professional quality, high power LACEnano brushless rotary machine ~ fine detailing DUAL cartridge pen machine ~ 500 assorted cartridge and LACEnano needles ~ DUAL machine power supply ~ 2 clip cords ~ Obelisk adapter ~ needle loupe ~ tubes ~ mini mixer with 100 sticks ~ heavy duty foot pedal ~ 500 silicone ink cups ~ bands and gromments. VALUE $2495 UPGRADE ANY CLASS KIT Sample Kit to Professional Kit $695 Sample Kit to Deluxe Dual Kit $1295 Professional Kit to Deluxe Dual Kit $695 OPTIONAL 2 Day Advanced Course Kit For Purchase Sample Kit $395 Professional Kit $995 Deluxe Dual Kit $1595 REMOVAL WORKSHOP WITH MACHINE KIT ~ Removal solution ~ Ultra Mini Machine ~ basic power supply ~ light duty foot pedal ~ clip cord ~ 20 removal needles ~ 20 tubes ~ machine bands ~ grommets ~ 20 silicone cups VALUE $795

What you will be learning?

~ Permanent Makeup/Cosmetics from beginning to end ~ Safe Practices for Pwermanent Makeup Technicians ~ Blood borne Pathogens and Infection Control ~ Medications, Contradictions, Medical and Health Conditions ~ Skin, Eye and Lip Anatomy ~ Client Consultaions and how to choose the right client ~ Allergy patch testing ~ Numbing and Anesthetics ~ Technical application, stretching, insertion,angles, depth... ~ Proper tequniques for optimal results- Lining, Shading, Microshading and Stippling ~ All about needles. Sharps and configurations ~ Color Theory ~ Skin types and how it effects healing ~ The healing process and aftercare ~ Brow design and mapping ~ BROWS- Microblading, Microshading, Ombre, Powder and Combination* ~ EYELINER- Eyeliner, smoky liner and lash enhancements ~ LIP COLOR-Lip blush, ombre soft liner and full color ~ Photography - Importance of before and after photos ~ Documentation - Consents and Medical Health Hisorty Intake Forms ` and so much more...

How do I sign up for classes?

You can register online at REGISTER ONLINE. or with our flexible scheduling, submit dates that may work best with your schedule. Including Saturdays and Sundays.Text requests to 281-795-0130 Registration fees or payment in full is required to reserve your seat. Final balances , if any, are due no less than 1 week prior to the first day of class. When balance has been received, your Home Pre-Course Study Guide will be made avaiable. Any additional concerns or arrangements should be made PRIOR to registering for the course. FINANCING is available during the check out process when registering online. Select PayPal Credit as your payment choice. No intrest for 6 months. Approval is based on your personal credit score. We are not affiliated with PayPal, PayPal Credit or the approval process.

Will I get a certificate?

We offer certificates for all classes upon successfull completion and comprehension of study materials, practice and executing full procedure hands on. There are NO shortcuts to proper trainnig of tattooing the human face. 6 day course will be issued a 100 hour certificate 7 day course 120 hour certificate 10 day 150 hour certificate 13 day 200 hour certificate 100 hours are required by most reputable insurance companies, PM associations and States.

Is there after training support ? ? ? YES!

Instructor support is critical to a trainees sccess. There will be questions that needs to be addressed to continue the educational needs of someone new to the industry. RX Beauty Inks Academy offers the following support: SHADOW OBSERVATION: You can come watch full procedures to ask questions and continue to learn any procedure you have been trained in. SIT IN: You may 'Sit in" on any class you have already taken for additional understanding, comprehension and practice. MODEL PRACTICE: You can bring in models and/or clients to perform procedures at out studio (studio fees apply). Instructor will be avaiabkle to address questions or concerns along the way. PHOTO EVALUATION: It is highly recommended that a trainee shows serious intrest in becoming a better artist by texting photos or practice, completed procedures and/or fully healed pracedures for evaluation.

Does the instructor have a comprehensive portfolio?

Just like shopping to receive permanent makeup, check their protfolio. If you don't like their work, it it likely you will not like what's being taught in the class. Our portfolios can be found HERE

Costly training mistakes?

Permanent Cosmetics training is a very specialized field and should not be fast or cheap. Some students have felt ripped off by taking cheaper, faster or online courses. There are usually way to many students to learn anything. Unfortunately, inexpensive classes will have 10-30 students with limited ability to learn, ask questions, understand, watch demo procedures and will share a model due to time constraints. Trainees leave the class unable to confidently perform services and ultimately come to us for additional, proper retraining.

Class size and hands on

RX Beauty Inks Academy limits the number of students to 4 new trainees to ensure comprehension and a good understanding of theory and techniques.Every sturdent receives individual attention and supervision that every trainee needs to be successful. FULL procedure hands are is one of the most important aspects of training and is part of the curriculum in all permanent makeup courses. Each student will work on their model from beginning to end. RX Beauty Inks hands on days are limited to 2 hands on procedures being performed at any one time to provide you the individual attention you need and deserve to execute a successful full proceudre.

Instructor training and qualifications

Please use the following link Angela Fox-Certified Technician and Instructor