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What our clients are saying about us!  5 Star Facebook Rating!

So..I was a little nervous but Angela came highly recommend. I'm naturally the doubting Thomas type anyway. You see my brows have become thinner as I grow younger....haha
Truth be told a lot of people desire beautiful healthy, natural looking brows for many reasons.
So I heard about Angela's amazing technique for brow tattooing and wanted to check her out. I was blown away by the level of professionalism Angela presents.
She set my mind at ease answering every question I threw at her about the process and my expectations about the long term results for my brows. The procedure is basically painless as she creates tiny hair like strokes with the natural growth of the hair creating beautiful full natural brows!..  am 100% pleased with my results. My brows are fabulous everyday!

Thank you Angela!...your the brow Goddess 

Laura Boyer

I would like to thank Angela for giving me eyebrows and ending the never ending cycle of buying eyebrow pencils! Angela is very professional and her studio is neat and clean. My results are unbelievable; people really think that hair is growing out of my brows. Her work is FLAWLESS! Now I can say... "I woke up like this, ladies I'm flawless." Thank you,


Angela is so professional and knowledgeable. I have absolute confidence in her work, as she pursues education from all over the world to perfect her craft. I look forward to continued perfection in her shop.

Margret C


Thank you so much.  My brows and areolas look superb.  Now I'm ready for the topless beach!

Dawn S

I had the pleasure of attending the Areola Restorative Tattoo course taught by the talented Angela Fox.  The course was an entire week long and covered everything you need to know to be able to safely provide this amazing service to these very deserving women who’ve battled breast cancer. Angela has a creative eye and great attention to detail & she exhibits this in how she teaches her technique. I had ZERO experience tattooing prior to Angela’s course & I am so glad that I found her and learned from her. She’s made herself available for any questions I’ve had even after leaving the class. Thanks Angela, you truly are amazing at what you do & I’m glad to have learned from you.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trish Jantz

Angela came highly recommend. I was nervous and excited at he same time.  Why the hell did i wait so long to do this for myself.  I went in for my follow up and i love love love the results.

Sandra Hinojosa


Absolutely, without a doubt, this woman is gifted! You can literally go to her and say "do whatever" and you will leave looking awesome and natural! She takes her time and does it perfectly.

Sarah Ricks

I lost my hair and brows due to chemo.  My hair grew back but my brows didn't completely and what did come back was extremely light colored and sparse.  I got really tired of adding approx. 20 minutes to my makeup routine everyday trying to match up my brows!  A friend of mine told me she had hers "microbladed" and referred me to Angela.  When I went in for my first appointment I was totally apprehensive.  I was worried that my brows would look terrible and I would be stuck with them forever or I would look permanently angry!  I told Angela all of my fears and she talked me through the entire process.  We agreed on a color (a mixture, actually) and she drew my brows on.  She tweaked them until we thought the shape was perfect for my face and away she went! The microblading process was painless due to the numbing cream (thank goodness)!  The end result was absolutely beautiful!  I was incredibly happy with my results.  Angela gave me instructions on how to clean and care for my brows during the healing process.  I see her about once a year for color refills and every time, it's perfect.  Angela is not only extremely talented at her profession, she is down to earth and easy to talk to.  I enjoy my visits with her and our topics of discussion.  I highly recommend her.  Thanks!

Brandy C.


Due to over plucking in my 20's, I haven't had eyebrows in 10+ years and I'm feeling like a brand new Gal in my 40's� Thank you so much Angela for performing my Christmas miracle....#browsonfleek #christmasgift #betterthanidreamed.

Lisa Cruz


I’m so happy with my results from tattoo removal , she is very good on explaining this getting done and very professional, the place is very posh looking and very clean . Go with the best !

L. Cazares

I attended Angela’s training class in tattoo / lightening removal. It was excellent! She is so knowledgeable and a great teacher. I had lots of hands on practice during the class. If your thinking of training in removal or permanent cosmetics I highly recommend RX Beauty Inks. Angela is very professional and you definitely will get your money’s worth!!

Eva Goode


A peaceful experience, with many tears shed over the double mastectomy these ladies made me look whole again! Praise the lord, talent that comes from the master himself! Thanks.

Karen K

Angela YOU are AWESOME !! I am so very happy with my eyebrows!! 10 years of every product on the market due to chemo... and in a couple of hours you changed my life Forever!! I will always be grateful 😀

Judy Jones

As I got out of the shower this morning (removed bandages) and looked i8n the mirror, it was the first time since July 1, 2018 (double mastectomy day) that I have looked in the mirror and smiled.  Thank you again.  It's amazing the difference in my mind from before and after 3D Areola tattooing. Now my mind can heal because it see's "normal" in the mirror!  Instead of a constant reminder of everything I have been through!  I look normal again thanks to you!!!  I didn't know how different I would feel and how different my mind would feel!  I feel like flashing the world!

Shawntel Kerr


C. Hemmi

We had a fantastic class in tattoo lighting and removal . Wonderful  instructor.  I learned so much my mind is spinning. Thank you Thank you

Jada Guinn

I can't begin to describe how happy I am about my eyebrows! If it's not to creepy I want to say I love you!

Maria Pena

I already LOVE my eyebrows omg... SUPER HAPPY


Angela, I just wanted you to know the tattoo you did for me on Thursday looks remarkably great.  You did a fabulous job. Thank you so much.  I know how dedicated you are to your work. This combined with your talent and passion makes you a true blessing to all your clients, especially those of us with breast reconstruction issues!  Bless you!

Lisa Barnes

Angela is so knowledgeable and professional! Made me feel comfortable from the get go! Came highly recommended by a co-worker of mine. I am now passing on the recommendations!!! Very happy!

Laura Alford

I got 99 problems and my brows aren't one of them!  Thank you 

Angelita Robles

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