Collagen Induction Therapy Skin Needling is used for a variety of therapeutic skin applications due to its collagen and elastin rejuvenation effects.  The benefits of micro needle therapy includes the stimulation of the skins natural collagen production and elastin bands making the skin tighter and more firm, increases the skins cellular turnover rate, increases circulation and allows efficient absorption of products and serums.

Face               $175

Neck               $125

Décolleté        $125

Face and Neck Combination   (Reg $300)     $250

Face, Neck and Décolleté Combination  (Reg $425)    $325

Hands Only    $125

Lower Arms    $175

Lower Arms and Hands   (Reg $300)     $250


Intensive Clinical Needling is a deeper, isolated, therapy for smoothing specific targeted areas with deep wrinkles or facial acne scars.

Forehead         $125

Glabellar          $75

Eyes                $125

Cheeks            $150

Upper Lip         $75

Mouth               $175

Chin                  $75

Neck                 $200

Full Face          $400

Face and Neck Combination   (Reg $550)  $525



Forehead       $50

Glabellar        $25

Eyes              $50

Cheeks          $75

Upper Lip      $25

Mouth           $100

Chin              $50

Neck             $125

Full Face      $250

Face and Neck Combination   (Reg $550)     $325



Scar and skin relaxation needling is to smooth and soften acne scars, injury scars and surgical scarring and diminishes the appearance of stretch marks.


Custom needle groupings are used to soften the texture and toughness of scars or burns, and may increase range of motion, lighten and flatten thick, fibrous bands of tissue in contracted scars and burns by generating new skin cells and increasing the blood supply.


Consultations are required for Paramedical needling.

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