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Micro Needling Workshop


SKIN NEEDLING: also known as, micro channeling, skin pinning, vampire facilal, etc... is used for a variety of therapeutic skin applications due to its collagen and elastin rejuvenation. Benefits of needle therapy include smoothing of wrinkles, diminishing stretch marks, softening acne, injury, and surgical scars, and Skin Needling specialized sterile needle configurations are used to create micro channels into the layers of skin, signaling the body to elastin, thus plumping up the injured area and creating a fuller, more youthful appearance.

SCAR RELAXATION: the process of scar relaxation is to smooth, lighten, and flatten thick, fibrous bands of tissue in contracted burns and scars. Custom sterile needle groups are used to soften the toughness and texture of the scar or burn, and may increase range of motion, generate new skin cells and enhance blood supply.


Micro Needling Machine Kit

This workshop is included with ALL IN Course

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