If you want to be a professional...

be trained by a professional

7 day, 120 hour comprehensive fundamental course   

$7995   Save $2000   $5995

Highly recommended for the ambitious artist that wants to offer a full compliment of permanent cosmetic services to their clients. Course includes: Lining and shading techniques, ombre and powder brows, eyeliner and lash enhancement and 3 lip color techniques 

All classes have a very limited number of students to customize the curriculum to ensure comprehension of materials and techniques.  There are no shortcuts to learning proper techniques.  Beginner trainees will receive a 100 hour certificate upon successful completion. 


FULL procedure hands on is one of the most important aspects of training as is part of the curriculum of all our courses.   Each student will work on models from beginning to end*. RX Beauty Inks hands on days are limited to 4 students to provide you the individual attention you need and deserves to execute a successful full procedure. 


3 Professional Kits: Pigments and various specialty supplies needed to provide procedures.

1 for Powder and Ombre Brows (Value $395) 

1 for Eyeliner and (Value $395) 

1 for Lips (Value $395) 


Included Machine Kit: LACEnano Machine, power supply, foot pedal, large assortment of tubes and needles, clip cord, bands and grommets. $1750 value.

Class includes ongoing support: 

Shadow Observation:  Any procedure you have been trained in, you can come watch full procedures to ask questions and continue to learn.    

Sit In:  All students may "sit in" on any class they have already taken for additional understanding, comprehension and practice.

Model Practice:  A trainee can bring in models and/or their clients and perform procedures at our studio (studio fees apply).  Angela will be available to answer questions and concerns along the way.

RX Beauty Inks offers alternative ways for the beginner aspiring artist to start the journey to a new  lucrative career without the upfront financial obligation for the full course.

3 Day  Beginner Starter Courses 

For the microblading crossover or the beginner wanting to get started without the upfront cost of the full 6, 7 or 10 day courses.  Includes lining and shading techniques and choice of Ombre and Powder Brows, Eyeliner and Lash Enhancements or 3 techniques of Lip Color.

$3795   Save $1000    $2795

Home Study


Two weeks prior to class, attendees will read, review and study the provided manual.

Bloodborne pathogen course and exam link to complete will be provided.

Day 4-5


Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement

The Rules of Eyeliner

Eyeliner Pigments-

What NOT to use!

Instructor demo

FULL procedure hands on

Day 1-Lining


Setting up your machine

Settings to achieve a specific look

All about needles

Lining techniques can be applied to fine thin to thick eyeliner lining, and lip lining

Day 6-7


Full Lip Color

Ombre Soft Liner and

Soft Blush Lip

Lip reshaping

Instructor demo

FULL procedure hands on

Day 1-Shading


How to use a tattoo machine to create dense and soft shading.

Shading techniques are used to create powder and ombre brows, smokey liners, and soft fill lip color.

Throughout the Course

Client  Consultation, Before, and After Procedure

All about needles and Needle Configurations

Permanent Makeup Color Theory

Skin Structure

Technique and Stretching

Day 2-3


Do's and Dont's of Brow Design

Drawing Natural Looking Brows

Facial Morphology

Instructor Demo

FULL procedure hands on


Blood Born Pathogen, Safety and Sanitation

Retention, Medications and Medical Conditions & Contraindications

Skin Conditions - Scars, Diseases, Contraindications, Difficult Skin Types.... and more!


$1500 reservation fee required to reserve dates and confirm your seat.


*Successful practice and comprehension required

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