Better Than Bare!

Permanent cosmetics offer the perfect color solution for those who want the convenience of 24 hour lip color. This type of procedure not only enhances the beauty and color of the lips, it recreates the size and shape as well, adding youthfulness and bringing attention to the face and smile.

There are many benefits of permanent lip color enhancement.  This treatment can make the lips appear naturally fuller, correct contour and shape, define the cupids bow, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips border.

Permanently applied lip color eliminates bleeding, smearing, and color smudging. Have the confidence of never leaving your lipstick behind on a glass, from a kiss, or the unexpected lipstick on the teeth.

Full Lip Color, Ombre Soft Liner or Soft Lip Blush   

$650   Save $155   $495


by an experienced SPCP Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, Angela Fox, CPCP


Combo Special

Schedule 2 or more Permanent Make-Up procedures  
(Lip Color, Brows or Eye Works Eyeliner)
at the same appointment and receive more SAVINGS 
Combination Special

Full Face Special

Customized Brows, Lip Color and Eye Works Eyeliner
Reg $1800
Save $505
NOW $1295
Full Face Make-Up Special

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