The best features of coil and rotary tattoo machines combined.


We all love the pushing power that comes from the coils of an old school tattoo machine and lets us push those wide magnums. But coils are heavy and they vibrate like crazy. On the other hand rotary tattoo machines are light and nimble in our hands and they are great for laying lines. But your typical rotary tattoo machine lacks the clearly defined hit of a coil machine and you can’t change the stroke unless you take the whole thing apart.


It does away with springs altogether and makes the hit crisper and more adjustable than ever. It uses a brushless motor that just doesn’t wear out and packs loads of power while weighing next to nothing. It uses a classic armature bar but this time the armature bar is made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, so it doesn’t vibrate half as much.


This design also enables full hit and stroke adjustability, while enabling a complete separation of the RPM to hit relationship. LACEnano is the first machine that can hit harder than a coil but weighs less than any rotary ever could.


  • 40W long-life proprietary brushless motor

  • Magnetic drive

  • Infinitely adjustable stroke from 0 to 6mm without tools

  • Adjustable hit gives (softness) without tools

  • Weight: 46g (Including the motor)

  • Machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum

  • Fully autoclavable (Including the motor)

  • Takes standard tattoo needles on the bar and tubes


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