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RX Beauty Inks has opportunities for procedures as a student model or instructor demo model. As a model, a certified professional technician - instructor closely supervises students as they perform your procedure. Being a model is a safe process. Our instructor is with the students at all times monitoring their every move. The students are going through intensive training courses, so you can feel safe you’re in the hands of up and coming experts. Model opportunities allow people to take advantage of having procedures at a greatly reduced cost.  Models must also agree to follow all pre treatment advice and post care instructions.  As found under the Permanent Make-Up tab on the main menu.

Houston Student Trainee Model

Permanent Make-Up

Brows, microblading, eyeliner and lip color.

$200 non-refundable set up fee for any procedure.

Brow Removal

$100 non-refundable set up fee

 3D Areola Restoration

Student models are always FREE to those that have had mastectomies.

Houston Instructor Model

Permanent Make-Up

Receive 50% off the instructors regular fee. 

$400 per service Reg $800

Brow Removal

$150 non-refundable set up fee Reg $300

3D Areola Restoration 

 $50 set up fee to those that have had mastectomies


To see if you are a candidate: Fill out the request form below. Missing information will disqualify your request.  Model opportunities are offered on a first come, first serve basis and not confirmed until fee has been received.  You may also text for more information 281-795-0130


Model  Request  Form

Model Technician:
Desired Procedures:
Choose Studio Location
Are you being treated by a physician for a medical condition?

You have been sucessfully added to the model waitlist!

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