Did you just get bad permanent makeup?  

Erase The Mistake NOW!   


If you just received undesirable brows, want them removed and are within 24 hours of the procedure, our emergency removal may be for you.  There is greater success in removing brows before they have healed into the skin.  

Cost: $500 for the procedure plus $200 for the short notice appointment.  Schedule permitting.  This procedure needs to be paid, in full, prior to confirmation.

None of the original-BEFORE work below was performed by RX Beauty Inks.

Photos are emergency removals and only 1 procedure was performed.


Combo Special

Schedule 2 Permanent Make-Up procedures.  Choose from  
Lip Color, Brows or
Eye Works Eyeliner
SAVE $300
Combination Special

Full Face Special

Customized Brows, Lip Color and Eye Works Eyeliner
Reg $2400
Save $500
NOW $1900
Full Face Make-Up Special