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13 Day, Comprehensive Beginner Full Fundamentals, Microblading Course, 3D Areola Restoration and Removal-Corrections    $16,995 


OUR BEST TRAINING DEAL!     Save $5000   $11,995 

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Highly recommended for the VERY ambitious artist that wants to offer a full compliment of services to their clients. Course includes: Eyeliner and lash enhancement, 3 lip color techniques (soft lip blush, ombre lip liner and full color) and ombre, powder and Microblading brows, 3D Areola Restoration and saline removal-corrections. 

All classes have a very limited number of students to customize the curriculum to ensure comprehension of materials and techniques.  There are no shortcuts to learning proper techniques.  Beginner trainees will receive certificates upon successful completion.


FULL procedure hands on is one of the most important aspects of training as is part of the curriculum of all our permanent courses.   Each student will work on models from beginning to end. RX Beauty Inks hands on days are limited to 2 students at a time to provide you the individual attention you need and deserves to execute a successful full procedure.

NEW    Independent Technician Work Opportunity   NEW

Successful graduates of 7, 10 or 13 day courses may have an opportunity to work as a self employed Independent Technician at RX Beauty Inks Studios.  For additional details contact Angela directly 281-795-0130



Professional Kits

3 Professional Kits: Pigments/inks and various specialty supplies needed to provide services.

1 kit for Microblading  and Powder / Ombre Brows 

1 kit for Eyeliner  

1 for Lips 

1 Areola

Removal Solution

Professional DELUXE Dual Kit!

Includes professional quality, high power LACEnano brushless rotary machine

fine detailing cartridge machine

300 assorted needles

Sample box of our Ultra Cartridge Needles

Obelisk adapter

dual machine digital touchscreen power supply

2 clip cords

needle loupe


heavy duty foot pedal

mini mixer with 100 sticks

500 silicone ink cups

machine bands and grommets

Value $2495

Classes include ongoing support

Shadow Observation:  Any procedure you have been trained in, you can come watch full procedures to ask questions and continue to learn.  

Sit In:  All students may "sit in" on any class they have already taken for additional understanding, comprehension and practice.

Model Practice:  A trainee can bring in models and/or their clients and perform procedures at our studio (studio fees apply).  Angela will be available to answer questions and concerns along the way.

Photo Evaluation:  It is highly recommended that Trainees show a serious interest in becoming a better artist by texting photos of practice, completed procedures and/or fully healed procedures for evaluation.


$3000 reservation fee required to reserve dates and confirm your seat.


Register with a friend, you BOTH receive 10% off tuition.

2 friends-save 15% and 3 friends 20% off

Same class and training dates are required to receive friend discounts.

Take an additional 5% off our 10 and 13 Day Courses.

We also offer a 5% CA$H discount on all tuitions including friends discounts.