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Toss the Pencils, Powders and Brushes!

Natural, well-defined brows add balance, frame the face, and accentuate the eyes.  When are too light, sparse, or nonexistent, brows can be enhanced and improved in both men and women with permanent cosmetics.

Microblading Brows

Microblade or micro-hairstroke brows are artistically applied to mimic the appearance of natural hair in the brow. Microblading is the perfect solution for men and women who may have a sparse areas or a scar in need of camouflage. Lasts  approximately 9 mos-2 years. 

Micro-Shading, Stardust, Ombre or Powder Brows

Provide a light, natural look by creating color under your natural hair, giving the appearance of a defined brow but with soft shaded, feathered edges. Lasts approximately 2-4 years.

Ultra HD Combination Brows   

The ultimate look in custom brows design. HD Combination Brows are both microblading with micro shading definition. Alopecia suffers, and those who have been through chemotherapy and suffered hair loss, are pleasantly surprised how natural it looks.  Lasts approximately 2-4 years.

Your Brows, Your Way !

3D Microblading, Ombre, Powder, Micro-Shading  

HD Combination Brows (Microblading and HD Micro-Shading)


Each client receives customized artistry designed to correct, reshape, or restore their brows into a more pleasing facial feature. Whether it be a soft, powdery eyebrow or simulated hair strokes with a 3-dimensional microblading effect, our state of the art equipment and artistic ability can create the look you desire. The permanent enhancement of eyebrows will give you the freedom of not having to use eyebrow pencils again!  Brows are typically a 2-3 procedure process. Follow up procedures have additional fees.

Ultra HD Combination