To schedule consultations:
Although consultations are not required for most services, we do offer a 30 minute, complimentary, one on one consultations include detailed information about how we can achieve your goals and ensure you are a candidate for the procedures desired. Consultations can be done via text 281-795-0130 and ask questions, send photos for evaluation, etc..  If you are interested in a face to face consultation, please use the BOOK ONLINE button at the bottom of this page to schedule.  A $50 booking fee will be charged at the time of scheduling and  is refundable at the conclusion of the  in person, one on one consultation.  Should you no show or give less than 48 hours notice to change or cancel, the booking fee will be forfeited.

To schedule procedures:
Use the BOOK ONLINE button at the bottom of this page to view our entire schedule.

Procedure appointments require a scheduling fee to schedule $100-$450. Scheduling fees collected will be applied towards cost of services.  All booking fees are refundable with at least 48 hour notice of cancellation or rescheduling.  Appointments will only be confirmed after scheduling fee receipt.

Face to face consultations or a request for photos for evaluation are usually required for the following:


Anyone that would like a consultation for more information than what is provided.  COSMETIC PORTFOLIO

Scar and skin color corrections

Tattoo removal:   If you have previous permanent make-up in the area you are wanting a procedure Permanent Make-Up removal and corrections 


Scar relaxation and Scar camouflage

You can call or text for more information. 281-795-0130