Barely there, or white tattoos flatter a wide range of skin tones. The white pigment is brighter against light skin, and it creates an appealing contrast on darker skin. When white ink tattoos heal, the raised skin surrounding the design is easier to see. Usually, darker ink pigments conceal the raised skin. White inks, however, is light enough to reveal it. This can create an interesting 3D effect, or a creative "scar" look, which some people want. Given their lower visibility, white ink tattoos are better for professional settings. Even if your community is conservative, the inconspicuousness of white tattoos can bring peace of mind.


XS- Smaller than a quarter $100

S-Smaller than a Credit Card $150-$250

M-Smaller than a dollar bill $250-$350

L-Smaller than a CD case $350-$450

XL- $450 and up


Add UV glow ink $50 and up


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