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3D areola and nipple reconstruction after mastectomy $250

Post surgical lift/reductions, areola $650     Full 3D Regimentation $800

At RX Beauty Inks, we provide special Paramedical Solutions for Breast Surgery recovery!

There are a number of reasons why women (and some men) are in need of medical tattoo treatments for the breast area.

Areola-nipple restoration is a highly specialized practice of paramedical tattooing, which restores the color, size and shape of the areola. This procedure is often considered the final step after major breast related surgeries including, breast reduction, mastectomies, reconstruction, or implants.

Whether you have areolas that are too light or faded, or are in need of a full 3D nipple and areola restoration, Paramedical tattooing may be the perfect solution for you. Natural micro pigment colors are utilized to restore color, provide symmetry, and give the appearance of a realistic nipple and areola.

Should you elect, clinical skin needling methods can be utilized when necessary to lighten and flatten surgical scars, providing a smooth canvas prior to paramedically tattooing the areola. By relaxing the scars, this allows the technician the ability to ensure a more uniformed, smooth, shape.

Permanent nipple-areola restoration is one of our true specialties. It is delicate, sensitive work, requiring specialized, advanced training in 3 dimensional nipple-areola regimentation.  Angela works closely with each client to achieve your goals. 


Free model opportunities may be available. 

Please text Angela 281-795-0130 for details

3D Areola-Nipple Tattooing FAQ


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