If you want to be a professional...

be trained by a professional

areola and permanent makeup training hou

3 Day Beginner and 2 Day Advanced Courses.

Each student will learn step by step how to execute this procedure from beginning to end. RX Beauty Inks class sizes are very limited to provide you the individual attention you need and deserve to execute a successful full procedure.



Professional Kit:

Areola Pigment kit, sizing stencils, marking pens and various specialty supplies needed to provide this service.


3 Day Beginner Course:

MINI Machine Sample Kit Included

Generic pen machine, basic power supply, light duty  foot pedal,  12 silicone ink cups,  and 20 assorted sample needles.  Value $395 

Highly recommended upgrade for the serious technician:

Professional DELUXE Complete Machine Kit Upgrade $500: professional quality, high power LACEnano brushless rotary machine, Obelisk adapter, dual machine power supply, 300 assorted needles, needle loupe, tubes, heavy duty foot pedal, mini mixer with 50 sticks, 250 silicone ink cups, machine bands and grommets. Value $1750

2 Day Course:

Available for purchase-Professional DELUXE Complete Machine Kit $995

Included with all 7, 10  and 13 day courses.   Includes professional quality, high power LACEnano brushless rotary machine, Oblelisk adapter, dual machine power supply, 300 assorted needles, needle loupe, tubes, heavy duty foot pedal, mini mixer with 50 sticks, 250 silicone ink cups, machine bands and grommets. Value $1750

Class includes ongoing support: 

Shadow Observation:  Any procedure you have been trained in, you can come watch full procedures to ask questions and continue to learn.  

Sit In:  All students may "sit in" on any class they have already taken for additional understanding, comprehension and practice.

Model Practice:  A trainee can bring in models and/or their clients and perform procedures at our studio (studio fees apply).  Angela will be available to answer questions and concerns along the way.

Photo Evaluation:  It is highly recommended that Trainees show a serious interest in becoming a better artist by texting photos  of practice, completed procedures and/or fully healed procedures for evaluation.

I had the pleasure of attending the Areola Restorative Tattoo course taught by the talented Angela Fox.  The course was an entire week long and covered everything you need to know to be able to safely provide this amazing service to these very deserving women who’ve battled breast cancer. Angela has a creative eye and great attention to detail & she exhibits this in how she teaches her technique. I had ZERO experience tattooing prior to Angela’s course & I am so glad that I found her and learned from her. She’s made herself available for any questions I’ve had even after leaving the class. Thanks Angela, you truly are amazing at what you do & I’m glad to have learned from you.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Trish Jantz

Home Study




One week  prior to class,

attendees will receive and review the 3D Areola  Home Study Guide and complete a Bloodborne pathogen course and exam.

2 Day Course



Save $500    $1995


Understanding different types of reconstruction

Creating 3D light source

Using color to create natural looking nipples

How to work with scar tissue

Color and matching unilateral procedures

Placement, size and skin  color

Shape corrections after lifts and reductions


3 Day Beginner Course



Save $800   $2995


Incudes: 2 Day Course  plus 2 Lining, stippling and shading techniques

Setting up your machine

All about needles


to create 3D nipple detailing


 create dense and soft shading to enhance the 3D effect

Throughout the Course

Blood Born Pathogen, Safety and Sanitation

Retention, Medications and Medical Conditions & Contraindications

Skin Conditions - Scars, Diseases, Contraindications, Difficult Skin 

Client  Consultation, Before, and After Procedure

Pre and post care instructions

All about needles and Needle Configurations

Skin Structure

Technique and Stretching

....and more!

$1000 reservation fee required to reserve dates and confirm your seat.

Register with a friend, you BOTH receive 25% off tuition.

2 friends 30% discount and 3 friends 35% off

Same class and training dates are required to receive friend discounts.

May not be combined with other offers.  First time RX Beauty Inks students only. 

Take an additional 5% off our 10 and 13  Day Courses.

We also offer a 5% CA$H discount on all tuitions including friends discounts.

*Live instructor demo and student models pending availability from our surgeons.