If you want to be a professional...

be trained by a professional

Your Class, Your Way!


We offer one on one private or semi private training for those that prefer a intimate training program that focuses on your learning style to get the most out of every training day. The additional benefit... Customized scheduling; You can select days that work best with YOUR schedule.  Days do not have to be consecutive and are available on weekends.

There are no shortcuts to learning proper techniques.  Beginners can select a course from the classes offered. Or if you have experience, please let us know specifically what you want to work on and we will tailor the curriculum to ensure comprehension of materials and techniques.  


Permanent Make-Up and Paramedical classes will include the same Professional Kit as our standard classes.  Kits include: various specialty supplies needed to provide this service taught in the course. 

Call/text for scheduling 281-795-0130 


$1500/Day    Only $1250 Per Day 

*Restrictions Apply

Class includes ongoing support: 

Shadow Observation:  Any procedure you have been trained in, you can come watch full procedures to ask questions  and continue to learn.   

Sit In:  All students may "sit in" on any class they have already taken for additional understanding, comprehension and practice.

Model Practice:  A trainee can bring in models and/or their clients and perform procedures at our studio (studio fees apply).  Angela will be available to answer questions and concerns along the way.

Photo Evaluation It is highly recommended that Trainees show a serious interest in becoming a better artist by texting photos of practice, completed procedures and/or fully healed procedures for evaluation.